Join MoMeD

How to Join MoMeD

• MoMeD is open for all PhD students working within the field of "Molecular Mechanisms of Disease" There are certain obligations for both supervisor and PhD student. (Please see below).
• Before you can enroll in MoMeD, your supervisor must also join MoMeD (Check if he/she is on the list below).
• You must have a co-supervisor/MoMeD advisor. The co-supervisor should be from another lab and not be directly involved in your project
• Send in your project description to the MoMeD Coordinators

If your supervisor is not on the list
• he/she needs to sign the document "New supervisor in MoMeD" and you send it together with your project description.

The MoMeD programme offers you

• Participation in the annual MoMeD Summer School (scientific and social event, 2 days in June)
• Participation in the annual winter meeting  (afternoon of networking and events)
• PhD courses in the field of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease throughout the year
• Career workshops throughout the year to obtain a better overview of the possible career paths

Further more when you join the programme you will

Get to know your fellow young researchers, be inspired scientifically  and build a strong professional network that will strengthen your scientific career.

Expectations of Supervisors

1. Supervise within the research areas of MoMeD
2. Participate in the Summer School usually 2 days in June
3. Take part in the biannual evaluation with the student and co-supervisor
4. Be involved in teaching and/or organisation of PhD courses
5. Co-advise MoMeD students Participate in the Summer School usually 2 days in June
6. Enrol students in MoMeD
7. Help find a suitable co-advisor for the students
8. Serve in MoMeD committees

Expectations of PhD students

1. Scientific Project Planning and Management 1+2 (mandatory courses)
2. Three regular assessments and three written status reports
3. Participate in the annual MoMeD Summer School (2 days in June)

Expectations of Co- supervisor

1. Not be directly involved in the project – this gives an outside view on the project
2. Assist the supervision of the project
3. Take part in the biannual evaluation and meeting with the student and supervisor