MoMed courses & events

MoMeD PhD courses cover fundamental molecular mechanisms underlying human diseases and relay on how this knowledge can be translated into improved diagnostics and drug design. Our courses are open to Danish and international PhD students. The courses are offered as part of the "open marked agreement". All courses are taught in English. MoMeD is a graduate programme under the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences

Mandatory courses for PhD students in MoMed

  • Responsible conduct of research (newly enrolled PhD students at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences)
  • Summer School (every year in June, you should attend every year)
  • Scientific Project Planning and Management 1+2.
    Take SPP 1 within the first 6 month- 1 year of your PhD project and SPP2 around 2-2.5 years in your PhD project.

PhD students must complete coursework or other similar programme elements totalling approx. 30 ECTS credits

  • 20 May 2020, 14:00-16:00

    Workshop: How to go green in a wet lab

    Workshop: How to go green in a wet lab

    Do you want your daily lab work to be more environmentally friendly? And would you like your lab to become greener?

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  • 11 June - 12 June 2020

    MoMeD Summer school 2020

    MoMeD Summer School 2020 will take place  June 11-12th 2020  (both full days 9-17, overnight stay in shared double rooms) at Pharmakon Conference Center, Hillerød.

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  • 10 September - 11 September 2020

    SPP1 September

    Learning objectives

    A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

    To Clarify the visons, goals and risk of the PhD project
    To plan the PhD project using classical and agile approaches
    To manage time and tasks efficiently

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  • 22 September - 23 September 2020

    SPP2 September

    Planning and Management 2: Project and Career planning.

    To Plan the final stage of the PhD project
    To learn methods to keep motivation up and procrastination down
    To implement Business Model You® to envision the next career step
    To understand the importance of your networking

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