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Below is the list of students presently enrolled in MoMeD (updated August 2017)

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Adina Ruth Deborah Jensen (BRIC)
Project: Understanding the Hypoxia Mediated Epigenetic Regulation of CAF Activation
Supervisor: Janine Erler

Aiste Aleliunaite (CEHA)
Project: Understanding the mechanistic basis for chromosome fragile site breakage and its implications for human disease
Supervisor: Ian Hickson

Alba Manresa Arraut (BRIC/SUND)
Project: Role of RhOA in T-cell adhesion and migration in an experimental model of multiple sclerosis
Supervisor: Flemming Fryd Johansen

Alba Redo Riveiro(Danstem)
Project: Exploring and establishing totipotency in vitro
Supervisor:Joshua Mark Brickman

Alice Wenger(BRIC)
Project: MCM2 function(s) in histone chaperoning and guarding cell identity
Supervisor: Anja Groth

Alexander Hogrebe (CPR)
Project: Novel Roles for PBK-mediated Phosphorylation Signaling in Breast Cancer Cells
Supervisor: Jesper Olsen

Alexander Lynge Reese-Petersen(CPR)
Project: Discovery and characterization of novel non-invasive biomarkers of extracellular matrix remodeling in fibrosis with focus on cardiovascular disease
Supervisor: Jiri Lukas

Ana Laura de Souza almeida Matos
Project: ?
Supervisor: Jose Moirer

Anamarija Pfeiffer (CPR)
Project: Proteomics based investigation of Shp2 signaling in myeloid leukemia
Supervisor: Jesper Velgaard Olsen

André Brannvoll (CEHA)
Project: Identification and Characterization of novel UMB-processing factors in mitosis
Supervisor: Michael Lisby

André Deslauriers (Rigshospitalet and BRIC)
Project: Functional Characterisation of Acquired Mutations in Myeloid Neoplasms
Supervisor: Kim Theilgaard-Mønch

Andrea Asenjo Martinez(BRIC)
Project: Dysfunction of inhibitory interneurons during neural maturation as causal contributor to schizophrenia
Supervisor: Konstantin Khodosevich

Andreas Due Ørskov (RH)
Project:Modifications of the immune system in myelodysplastic syndromes during treatment with epigenetic therapy: A key to drug efficacy?
Supervisor: Kirsten Grønbæk

Anna-Kathrine Pedersen (CPR)
Project: Mass spectrometry-based proteomics of RTK and Ubiquitin ligase signalling in neuroblastoma
Supervisor: Jesper Olsen

Anuska la Rosa Egeskov-Madsen (Danstem)
Project: Coupling of pancreatic cell fate to dynamic changes in Notch pathway components
Supervisor: Palle Serup

Amalie Engstrøm
Project: The Importance of Mechanical Loading in Cartilage Biology – Development of an Ex Vivo Cartilage Compression Model
Supervisor: Nils Billestrup

Atul Anand (Danish Cancer Society)
Project:Identification and characterization of cellular pathways that regulate lysosomal membrane permeabilization induced by cationic amphiphilic drugs in cancer cells
Supervisor: Marja Jaättelä



Belin Selcen Beydag(Danstem)
Project: Understanding Human Pancreatic Endocrine Progenitor Differentiation
Supervisor: Anne Grapin-Botton

Berta Sanz Morello(BRIC)
Project:Role of cytochrome c subunit VI in neuronal function during brain development and in adult brain
Supervisor:Konstantin Khodosevich


Carla Alexandra Carvalho Gonçalves (Danstem)
Project: Controlling the balance between differentiation and proliferation in human pancreatic progenitors
Supervisor: Anne Botton

Carsten Jörn Beese(BRIC)
Project:Molecular mechanisms of selective ribosomal degradation via autophagosomes
Supervisor:Anders H. Lund

Claudia Guasch Boldú
Project: Elucidating the impact of tubulin post-translational modifications on spindle assembly checkpoint signaling
Supervisor: Marin Barisic

Christian Berg (Herlev Hospital)
Project: The Importance of Cytomegalovirus’ Genetic Interstrain Variation in Infection and Disease Development
Supervisor: Hans Rudolf Lüttichau

Christian Cramer (NOVO/CPR)
Project: Electrochemical-reduction for improved top-down mass spectrometry
Supervisor: Jesper Olsen

Christian Simon (CPR)
Project: Knowledge-mining on heterogeneous multi-dimensional health data
Supervisor: Søren Brunak

Christian Winther Eskelund
Project: Genetic and Epigenetic Changes in Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Identification of the Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Standard Immuno-Chemotherapy
Supervisor: Kirsten Grønbæk

Christina Jensen(BRIC)
Project: Non-invasive quantification of extracellular matrix turnover in cancer ¿ a proposed precision medicine tool to assess desmoplasia and ECM remodeling associated with a pro-cancerous niche and response to anti-tumor modalities
Supervisor: Janine Erler

Christoffer Lynge Halvorsen (Danish Cancer Society)
Project:Analysis of genotoxic stress-induced evolutionary trajectories in cancer
Supervisor:Jose Moreira

Coline Alice Jeanne Gentil
Project: Role and mechanism of CD73 in leukemogenesis: study of inversion 16 acute myeloid leukemia
Supervisor: Bo Torben Porse

Chunqin Zheng (BRIC)
Project title: Identification and characterization of novel epigenetic regulators required for the maintenance of glioblastoma
Supervisor: Kristian Helin


Danyang Wang (CPR)
Project title: Structural and functional characterization of the interaction between human CCT and its folding substrates. Implications on proteostasis and cell cycle regulation. 
Supervisor: Guillermo Montoya 

David Gram Naym (Department of Dermatology/Bispebjerg Hospital
Project title:Targeting WIP1 in combination with PUVA
Supervisor: Robert Gniadecki

Despoina Barmpouri (BRIC)
Project title: Characterisation of aberrant hematopoietic stem cell populations in myeloid malignancies
Supervisor: Bo Porse

Diana Kowelik (CPR)
Project title: Structural and functional characterization of Ataxia-telangiectasia mutated (ATM) involved in DNA damage responses
Supervisor: Guillermo Montoya

Divya Achuthankutty (Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
Project title: Analysis of site specific replication fork perturbation in
human cell lines

Dimitriya Garvanska
Project title: Regulation of mitosis and substrate specificity of PP2A-B56
Supervisor: Jakob Nilsson

Dorota Ewa Kuczek (Center for Cancer Immune Therapy)
Project title: Effects of the tumor microenvironment on cancer immunotherapy
Supervisor: Marie Kveiborg


Ekaterina Zhuravleva (BRIC)
Project: Defining genome alterations in ampullary carcinoma
Supervisor: Jesper Andersen

Elena Morgati (Danstem)
Project:Oct4 roles in pluripotency and differentiation
Supervisor:Joshua Mark Brickman

Elisabeth Søndergaard (BRIC)
Project:Erg-mediated transcriptional control of B-cell development
Supervisor:Bo Porse

Elisabeth Anne Adanma Obara
Project: The role of Glioblastoma stem cells in resistance to radiotherapy
Supervisor: Jose Manuel Afonso Moreira

Erika Bianca Torres Villanueva(BRIC)
Project:The molecular mechanisms through which neuronal interferon beta (IFNB) signaling mediates neuronal autophagy and neurotransmission
Supervisor:Shohreh Navikas

Evan Manuel Figueiredo-Larsen (Danstem)
Project: Development of a 3D in vitro model to dissect the role of tissue and cell architecture in pancreas organogenesis
Supervisor: Anne Grapin-Botton


Fena Ochs (CRP)
Project: Elucidating DSB repair pathway choice on pre- and post-replicative chromatin via interplay between 53BP1 and BRCA1
Supervisor: Claudia Lucas

Florian Malte Hermann (Danstem)
Project title: The role of apical-basal polarity in human pancreatic endocrine lineage allocation
Supervisor: Henrik Semb

Freja Lea Lüthje(Department of Veterinary Disease Biology)
Project title:Novel marine biomolecules against biofilm formation in vivo
Supervisor:Henrik Michael Elvang Jensen

Freja Venning (BRIC)
Project: Investigating CAF recruitment and activation during tumour progression using intravital imaging
Supervisor: Janine Erler 


Gaurav singh Rathore
Project: Mapping early human neural
development in an in vitro model of human brain development using Single Cell RNAseq
Supervisor: Agnete Kirkeby

Georgios Pappas(BRIC)
Project: Novel ubiquitylated DDR factors in DNA repair and response to PARP inhibition
Supervisor: Claus Sørensen


Hana Sedlackova(CPR)
Project: The Mechanism of Replication Fork Progression through Dormant Origins
Supervisor: Jiri Lukas

Helene Gylling (BRIC)
Project: Functional investigation of RNAs involved in mammalian replication
Supervisor: Anders Lund

Hjalte Martin Larsen (KU-SUND)
Project: Studies of acetylcholine and nicotine receptor pharmacology using human induced pluripotent stem cells
Supervisor: Paul Hyttel


Imke Ulken (BRIC)
Project: Identification and Characterization of Long non-coding RNA´s in autophagy
Supervisor: Anders Lund

Inger Ødum Nielsen (Danish Cancer Society Research Center)
Project title: Identifying modulations in cancer lipid metabolism using a lipidomics approach
Supervisor: Marie Kveiborg

Iris Müller (BRIC)
Project title: Investigation of Chromatin-Associated Proteins Required For Mouse ES Cell Self-Renewal Using Focused CRISPR/Cas9 Screening
Supervisor: Kristian Helin


Jano Dicroce Giacobini
Project: Distribution and effects of cationic amphiphilic drugs in a mouse model for cancer
Supervisor: Marja Helena Jäättelä

Jacob Mathias Bech
Project: Arresting the carcinogenic process in premalignant colorectal lesions with targeted drugs: a novel strategy in personalized medicine
Supervisor: Jose Moreira

Jakob Werner Hansen (Rigshospitalet)
Project: Improved diagnosis in patients with unresolved cytopenias
Supervisor: Kirsten Grønbæk

Jonathan Lucien Stahl (KB)
Project: The role of lysosomes in mitosis: Regulation of mitotic lysosomal membrane permeabilization and related lysosomal membrane changes
Supervisor: Marja Helena Jäättelä

Julie Boertmann Noer (Department of Veterinary Disease Biology)
Project:A novel receptor-based therapy for drug resistant breast
Supervisor: Jose Moirer

Julius Hannibal Svensmark(BRIC)
Project:Nuclear Rho GTPase Function
Supervisor: Cord Herbert Brakebusch

Jonas van Cuyl Kuylenstierna (Danstem)
Project title: Novel chromatin associated proteins in developmentally important intercellular signaling pathways


Karolina Ditrychova(Danstem)
Project title: Regulation of Transcription in mESC Priming to Primitive Endoderm
Supervisor: Joshua Mark Brickman

Karolin Vossgrone (BRIC)
Project title: Identification of DNA nucleases, whose depletion is synthetic lethal with BRCA2/TP53 deficiency in ovarian cancer cell lines
Supervisor: Claus Storgaard Sørensen

Kamilla Ellermann Jensen
Project title: The role of phosphofructokinase-1 in DNA repair and cancer cell maintenance
Supervisor: Ali Salanti

Kamilla Meyer(Danstem)
Project title: Investigation of Lysosomal Dysfunction and Potential Novel Therapeutic Targets in Lysosomal Diseases
Supervisor: Agnete Kirkeby

Kavya Achanta
Project title: The role of mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer´s disease: a search for therapeutic strategies
Supervisor: Mansour Akbari

Kirstine Juul Elbæk
Project title: Functional interplay between replication stress-induced genomic instability and cellular hierarchies in therapeutic resistance of glioblastoma    
Supervisor:  Jan Stenvang

Kirstine Sandal Nørregaard(BRIC)
Project title: A survey of novel ligands of the members of the mannose receptor protein family
Supervisor: Marie Kveiborg

Kristian Honnens de Lichtenberg (Danstem)
Project: Molecular mechanisms of Notch transcriptional regulation in pancreas development
Supervisor: Palle Serup

Kristian Kristensen(Finsenlab)
Project: Protein destabilization as a regulating factor in metabolic lipid homeostasis
Supervisor: Guillermo Montoya


Lasse Løcke Langholm
Project: Characterization of clot activation and clot quality in disorders of hemostasis
Supervisor: Ole Hartvig Mortensen

Laura Maarit Pikkupeura (CPR)
Project: Roles of MML-like methyltransferases in B lymphocyte development and function
Supervisor: Jeramy Austin Daniel

Lena Wullkopf (BRIC)
Project: Force mapping during cancer cell division and invasion
Supervisor: Janine Erler

Lea Milling Korsholm
Project: Mechanisms and cancer relevance of genome instability in repetitive DNA sequences
Supervisor: Jan Stenvang

Letizia Satriano (BRIC)
Project title: Biological implications of miRNAs in CCA pathogenesis and therapy
Supervisor: Jesper Bøje Andersen

Lisa Schubert(CPR)
Project title: Characterization of new players and processes in the replication stress response
Supervisor: Niels Mailand

Line Alsøe Barington (department of Pharmacy)
Supervisor: Mette Marie Rosenkilde

(Ida) Linea Laursen (BRIC/Finsen)
Project: Functional and regulational characterization of a novel tumor promoting factor in AML
Supervisor: Bo Porse

Louise Katrine Larsen (KB)
Project title: Early and non-invasive detection of urothelial carcinomas by urine DNA testing
Supervisor: Kirsten Grønbæk

Louise Rasmussen
Project title: Characterization of the role of FoxA1 in T cell development & autoimmunity
Supervisor: Shohreh Navikas

Luka Bevc(BRIC)
Project title: Targeting cancer specific aberrations through novel synthetic lethal pathway interactions with epigenetic pathways
Supervisor: Claus Sørensen

Lya Katrine Kauffeldt Holland(DCRC)
Project title: Capturing dynamics in endocytic pathway for understanding Parkinson’s disease
Supervisor: Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas


Mads Møller Foged(KB)
Project: Investigating the spatially resolved modulation of lipid metabolism in cancer cells using quantitative lipidomics
Supervisor: Christina Christoffersen

Mahdieh Hadi(BRIC)
Project: Global analysis of FoxA1-target genes important for FoxA1+Treg-cell development and maintenance
Supervisor: Shohreh Navikas

Malene Bredahl Hansen(KB)
Project: Searching for new treatment options and evaluation methods for ErbB2-­-positive, invasive breast cancer.
Supervisor: Marja Helena Jaattela

Maria Adamopoulou
Project: The function of galectins in epithelial mesenchymal crosstalk
Supervisor: Sally Anne Malene Dabelsteen

Maria Rafaeva(BRIC)
Project: Determining how site of tumour growth influences metastatic spread
Supervisor: Janine Terra Erler

Massimo Carraro(BRIC)
Project: Histone chaperone network
Supervisor: Anja Groth

Maya Friis Kjærgaard (Danstem)
Project: Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) disease modeling of Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)
Supervisor: Henrik Semb

Moreno Papetti (CPR)
Project: Mass spectrometry-based Proteomics of RTK signaling and trafficking
Supervisor: Jesper Veelgard Olsen

Meeli Mullari (CPR)
Project: Characterizing the effect of arginine methylation and
Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation on the binding of mRNA by RNA binding proteins by quantitative mass spectrometry
Supervisor: Michael Lund Nielsen

Mette Dahl
Project: Circular RNA in Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Implications for clinical presentation patterns and outcome in a large uniformly treated cohort of MCL patients
Supervisor: Kirsten Grønbæk

Mette Hedegaard Correll (Glostrup hospital)
Project: Identification, characterization and expansion of corneal endothelial progenitor cells
Supervisor: Steffen Heegaard

Mette Louise Trempenau(BRIC)
Project: The role of the H3K4-demethylase KDM5C in normal and malignant hematopoiesis

Mette Vistesen (KB)
Project: A Functional Study of AMBRA1 Mutations in Human Cancer
Supervisor: Marie Kveiborg

Meral Ilcim Özlü (Danstem)
Project: The impact of hepatoblast movement on the liver differentiation and morphogenesis
Supervisor: Elke Ober

Michael Larsen(Danstem)
Project: Modelling diabetes in human embryonic stem cell- and fetal pancreatic progenitor-derived pancreatic organoids
Supervisor: Anne Botton


Nadja Sparding
Project title: Development and characterization of non-invasive biomarkers of fibrosis to describe disease activity in renal disease
Supervisor: Jonathan Davies

Nadja Bischoff
Project title: Role of epigenetic mechanisms in regulating CRISPR genome editing efficiency
Supervisor: Cord Brakebusch

Nan Shu (BMI)
Project title: Quantitative assessment of quinone adduction to proteins, and its consequences, in biological systems
Supervisor: Michael Jonathan Davies

Neha Sharma
Project title: Understanding the balance between extracellular matrix formation and degradation in rheumatoid arthritis. Paving the road for development of better diagnostic biomarkers
Supervisor: Michael Jonathan Davies

Neel Ingemann Nissen
Project: Developing and validating biomarkers and in vitro models to study the role of altered extracellular matrix turnover and impact of cancer associated fibroblasts on tumorgenesis
Supervisor: Cord Brakebusch

Nico Zaghet (BRIC)
Project title: Histone methylation in germline functions
Supervisor: Anna Elisabetta Salcini

Niels Menezes(DANSTEM)
Project title: Dissecting the regulatory mechanisms orchestrating the transition from pluripotency to lineage specification
Supervisor: Elisabetta Ferretti

Nikolaos Sidiropoulos(BRIC)
Project title: Impact of somatic structural variants on the 3-dimensional architecture of cancer genomes

Nikoline Borgermann (CPR)
Project title: Regulation of DNA-Protein crosslink repair in human cells
Supervisor: Niels Mailand


Özgun Özer (CEHA)
Project title: A Novel System to Analyze Telomere Instability Using a Site-Specific DNA Replication Blockade
Supervisor: Ian Hickinson


Patrick Leopold Rüether
Project: Mass Spectrometry Technology for Palaeoproteomics
Supervisor: Jesper Velgaard Olsen

Peter Haar (CPR)
Project: Functional characterization of a potential new factor in the DNA damage response
Supervisor: Niels Mailand

Pernille Juhl
Project: Investigation of the extracellular matrix remodeling in systemic sclerosis
Supervisor: Michael Jonathan Davies



Rosa Rakownikow Jersie-Christensen (CPR)
Project: Proteomic analysis of ancient dental calculus for reconstruction of the evolution of human health and nutrition in Denmark
Supervisor: Jesper Olsen

Riccardo Vanzo (KB)
Project: Functional interplay between DNA damage response and autophagy machineries under cellular stress conditions and during tumorigenesis
Supervisor: Marja Jäättelä

Ronja Linn Sybille Heyne(DANSTEM)
Project:Identifying mechanisms of liver growth and size control in regeneration
Supervisor: Elke Ober


Sara Charlotte Larsen (CPR)
Project: Deciphering the signalling networks of PARP by quantitative mass spectrometry
Supervisor: Michael Lund Nielsen

Sara J Göransdotter Hultberg(BRIC)
Project: Neuronal Immune Regulation of CNS inflammation and/or neurodegeneration through CD1 and CD1-dependent NKT cells
Supervisor: Shohreh Navikas

Shunlei Duan(Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA)
Project:Mechanisms of subcellular localization of RECQL4 and its role in cell metabolism, mitochondrial function and disease
Supervisor:Lene Juel Rasmussen

Simon Husby (RH)
Project: Stem cell defect and clinical course after treatment with high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell support for malignant lymphoma
Supervisor: Kirsten Grønbæk


Stine Lind Hansen (BRIC)

Project: Transcriptional regulation of cell fate in intestinal epithelium
Supervisor: Kim Jensen

Swantje Christin Häger (KB)
Project title: Characterization of actin cytoskeleton regulators required for plasma membrane repair
Supervisor:  Cord Brakebusch


Theresa Louise Boye (Danish Cancer Society Research Center)
Project title: The role of Annexins in the plasma membrane repair sys-tem in cancer cells
Supervisor: Janine Terra Erler 

Teresa Knudsen(Danstem)
Project: The transcriptional key to a stable cell state and to lineage segregation
Supervisor:Joshua Mark Brickman

Thiago Silva Lima (Veterinary Disease Biology)
Project: Identification and clinical validation of a predictive biomarker
profile for taxane resistance in prostate cancer
Supervisor: Jose Moreira

Tian Xia (BRIC)
Project:Identification of novel molecular factors and neuronal pathways that control metabolism and lifespan in C. elegans
Supervisor: Roger Pocock

Tik Muk
Project: Effect of bioactive milk diet on perinatal infection: A study using proteomics and metabolomics
Supervisor: Per Torp Sangild



Valérie Bodemeyer (KB)
Project: Understanding the role of Ambra1-based signaling in melanoma development through deregulated autophagy, apoptosis and proliferation
Supervisor: Francesco Cecconi

Valdemaras Petrosius (BRIC)
Project: Novel molecular mechanisms underlying the neurological disorders FTD and ALS
Supervisor: Claus Storgaard Sørensen

Viktorija Daugvilaite (INF)

Project:EBI2 Upregulation in EBV‐induced diseases–benefit for virus survival or direct host immune response?
Supervisor: Mette Marie Rosenkilde



Xiaogang Guo
Project title: Pbx pioneer factors specify mesodermal cell fate
Supervisor: Elisabetta Ferretti 


Yulia Steblyanko (KB)
Project title: Molecular mechanism behind the microtubule poleward flux and its impact on aneuploidy and cancer
Supervisor: Jose Moreira

Yunyun Luo (Nordic Bioscience)
Project title: Development and validation of novel high sensitivity biomarkers measuring cartilage turnover
Supervisor: Nils Billestrup

Yong Liu (IKVH)
Project title:Modeling pig entorhinal cortex development in a dish for creation of Alzheimer’s disease relevant neurons
Supervisor:Vanessa Hall


Zita Gál (Danish Cancer Society)
Project: The role of accelerated nucleolar transcription in genome instability and tumorigenesis
Supervisor: Jose Moreira