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30 January 2017

Communicate with Personal Impact

winter meeting

Once again, all MoMeD students were invited to the annual Winter Meeting to learn how to strengthen their personal impact and authenticity when presenting research.

Raw facts need to come alive if you wish to make an authentic impact on your audience. When presenting research most PhD students focus on what to say – the words, but actually facts and information should play the role of supporting something bigger – an impactful core message that resonates in the listeners. Coach and former actress Roxana Kia did a great job helping students activate what really matters in communication: Passion, presence, energy and interest in those listening to what you have to say.

Yes, you can!

You may not be entirely aware of them, but you yourself already have an abundance of innate resources, ready to be selected an applied in your personal communication efforts. Using these innate wells of strength and resources taps into the authentic voice of you as a speaker. When your presence and expression are rooted in this kind of authenticity, your focus shifts from yourself to the audience – right where that focus really should be. As an exercise Roxana made the students tell personal daily life stories to each other using different levels of energy to see what needs to be activated in order for the message to come alive.

Using techniques that focused on the students’ strengths, Roxana trained the students in identifying and expressing personal brilliance through a wide range of exercises on everything from body language to inner peace and personal power. Throughout the workshops the students’ energy level rose, and the laughter was a clear indicator of the students’ enjoyment and involvement in the exercises.