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CANCELLED: PhD course: Lipids and Membranes in Disease

Content: Lipids are major constituents of cellular membranes, where biomolecules dynamically assemble to orchestrate a variety of biological processes including signaling
and trafficking. Lipids play key roles in the coordination of those processes
through interactions with each other and with proteins, and dysregulation in
lipid metabolism is linked to many human diseases. This course aims at
providing an overview on the structures, functions, and physiological roles of
diverse lipids, their involvement in human diseases, and state-of-the-art
lipidomics and other techniques currently available for monitoring the
metabolism and functioning of lipids in cell. 

soon to be published

Organizers: Kenji Maeda and Mesut Bilgin, Cell Death and Metabolism Unit, Danish Cancer Society Research Centre


The PhD course Lipids and Membranes in Diseases will run Monday April 23rd- Tuesday April 24th, 2018. Both days from 9-17:00.