Mandatory courses for PhD students in MoMeD

  • Responsible conduct of research 1: An introduction

You must participate in the course within the first 12 months of your PhD programme.

  • Responsible Conduct of Research 2: Getting Ready for Submission of Manuscripts and Thesis

This course is mandatory for all PhD students enrolled from 1 August 2020 or later but all PhD students are recommended to participate in the course. The course should be completed in the very last phase of your PhD.

  • Scientific Project Planning and Management 1

Complete SPP 1 within the first 6 months - 1 year of your PhD project

  • Scientific Project Planning and Management 2

Complete SPP2 during the last six months - 1 year of your PhD

  • MoMeD Summer School 

Every year in May or June, you should attend every year.

PhD students must complete coursework or other similar programme elements totalling approx. 30 ECTS credits