Extracellular Matrix and Proteolysis in Disease

The extracellular matrix and its dynamic remodeling are decisive factors in several cellular functions and, when dysregulated, give rise to several types of disease. In addition to the essential scaffolding function of extracellular matrix molecules, these structures also harbor secreted or shed proteins, such as growth factors, chemokines and cytokines, and interact with membrane-anchored proteins, including adhesion and growth factor receptors. The consequences of extracellular matrix remodeling are wide-ranging, resulting in activation or inactivation of substrate proteins, or modulation of the substrate’s functional properties. Thus, it is not surprising that the implicated proteases play key roles in normal tissue development and repair, as well as in the pathogenesis of a plethora of diseases.

The course will address a number of structural, biochemical, and cell biological properties of extracellular matrix proteins and the associated proteases, including cutting-edge methodological development in this field of research. Furthermore, it will provide important examples of the contribution of extracellular proteolysis to development and disease - with particular focus on cancer and inflammatory disorders. The course concludes with the participants attending and presenting their individual research projects at a joint scientific conference of the Nordic Societies of Matrix Biology.

Max 20 students with an interest in extracellular matrix biology and proteolysis.

Language: English

Form: Lectures, group work, journal clubs. Attendance and mandatory poster presentationat the joint Nordic Matrix Biology meeting (symposium) (Thursday noon till Friday afternoon)

Course director: Associate Professor Marie Kveiborg, Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) mailto: marie.kveiborg@bric.ku.dk and Section head Niels Behrendt, Ph.D., DSc., the Finsen Laboratory, Rigshospitalet and BRIC Mailto: niels.behrendt@finsenlab.dk

Yoshifumi Itoh, Oxford, UK
Oliver Schilling, Freiburg, Germany
Christoph Becker-Pauli, Kiel, Germany
Chris Madsen, Lund, Sweden
Ulrich auf dem Keller, DTU
Daniel Madsen, Herlev University Hospital
John Couchman, BRIC
Alejandro Mayorca, BRIC
Federike Genovese, Nordic Bioscience
Jean-Marie Delaisse, Vejle Hospital
Marie Kveiborg, BRIC

Confirmed speakers at the Nordic Matrix Biology Meeting
Clair Baldock, University of Manchester, UK
Taina Pihlajaniemi, University of Oulu, Finland
Guillaume Jacquemet, University of Turku, Finland
John Couchman, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Michael Kjær, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
Abbas Jafari, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Alejandro Majorca, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

March 11-15, 2019, every day from 9-17 + Monday and Thursday evenings for social events.

Course location
BRIC, Copenhagen Biocenter, Ole Maaløesvej 5, 2200 København N
Nordic meeting at Panum, Henrik Dam Auditorium

Registration: Sign up before 08-02-2019

Upon acceptance in the course you must register and submit a scientific abstract for the joint Nordic Matrix Biology Meeting. Information about this will be provided shortly after registration deadline.