Winter Meeting 2017 – University of Copenhagen

Winter Meeting 2017

Communicate with Personal Impact


25 January 2017


Faculty Club, Building 16, 6th floor. Map


15:30-19:00 Workshop with Roxana Kia
19:30-22:00 Dinner and networking

Program teaser

Forget about handouts, PowerPoint presentations and traditional lectures.

This workshop is hands-on. It helps awaken what really matters in communication – your presence, your energy, your passion and your interest in those listening to what you have to say.

Most presenters focus on what to say – the words. Presentations are often filled with 80-100% facts and information. This is a big misunderstanding of what a presentation is all about. It only covers the lowest basic of what is needed for a captivating presentation. Raw facts need to come alive. Actually, facts and information should play the role of supporting something bigger - an impactful core message that resonates in the listeners.

A brilliant presentation requires that the speaker evokes 3 dimensions as a minimum: Information, Involvement and Inspiration.

This workshop will give you hands-on tools on how to activate these three dimensions. It will show you how you can resonate with your energy and presence in the room.

You may not be entirely aware of them, but you yourself already have an abundance of innate resources, ready to be selected and applied in your personal communication efforts. Using these innate wells of strength and resources taps into the authentic voice of you as a speaker. When your presence and expression are rooted in this kind of authenticity, your focus shifts from yourself to the audience – right where that focus really should be.

Overall program

At the workshop you will give you an introduction on how to make an authentic impact on the audience. It will be an intense afternoon of practical training, where you will acquire tools that will improve your stage effect. You will be an active part of the workshop all the way through.

  • How to build surplus personal energy, activate integrity, and authenticity in your personal communication
  • Exercises in body language, energy and presence on stage
  • How to obtain inner peace and personal power in communication
  • Say one thing and make it come alive – exercises
  • How to captivate the audience
  • Exercises on how to train your expression as a speaker, strengthening your personal impact and authenticity when communicating

Roxana Kia

Roxana Kia is one of Denmark’s most appreciated executive coaches and trainers. She is a human whirlwind who opens the floodgates for what you can achieve in your organisation, your profession, your team and your personal relations. She has a rare ability to "see" people - rapidly, intensely and positively.

Using simple yet powerful appreciative techniques that focus on people’s strengths, Roxana trains a wide range of clients in identifying, expressing and personal excellence and brilliance. Her approach is direct, hands-on, challenging and experiential. In the business world, her focus on personal presence and authentic communication translates into a wide range of tangible result-oriented capabilities. Long, tedious “personal development” sequences are no longer needed.

More energy, with clearer focus. Better leadership – clearer decisions – more vibrant communication – behaviour that inspires and encourages. You achieve more, at the same time as feeling better about doing so.

Roxana’s subtle encouragement helps you unleash new realms of dynamic interaction and purpose-driven leadership that power out of your personal qualities and your own unique capabilities, so you're able to engage, energise and inspire those around you.

She is renowned for creating a high degree of inspiration for her clients, always working with the highest potential in people and organisations and creating remarkable and lasting change as a result.