MoMeD progress reports and assessments


Regular scientific assessment

During the PhD study, the student has to submit three reports as part of the regular assessments. The assessments provide an opportunity for the PhD student to discuss and reflect on the PhD project and get feedback from the supervisors.

  • The status assessments must be carried out 3 times during your PhD period.
  • The regular assessment task has to be activated in PhD Planner. This happens automatically at about 26, 14, and 6 months before your expected end date. Please wait for the task to be activated or contact the Graduate School for advice.
  • It is mandatory to hand in these written assignments in order to be awarded with the PhD degree at KU. It is the student's and supervisor's own responsibility to meet these deadlines.
  • Please contact the Graduate School if you are unable to meet the deadline due to e.g. leave or stay abroad.

How to perform an assessment

Before the meeting:

  • Complete the MoMeD progress report (see the box at the end of the page).
  • Arrange a meeting with your supervisors to evaluate your progress
  • Send the MoMeD progress report to your supervisors before the meeting

At the meeting:

  • Discuss progress of your project with your supervisors. You can take inspiration from the dialogue guide for regular assessment.
  • Please fill out part 9 of the report together with your supervisor

After the meeting

  • Tick off the box in PhD planner


The MoMeD progress reports and supervisor meetings follow the same intervals. The MoMeD report fulfills the criteria of the written assessment report.  Hence no reports should be submitted to the Graduate School. The report only goes to MoMeD.